The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has placed additional challenges and responsibilities on employers like we’ve never seen before. We understand this burden on businesses, which is why we’re committed to helping reduce the new workload created by the law, and provide the most cost effective way to comply.

Our Goals for each consultation client:

  • Reduce time and effort necessary to comply with all aspects of the ACA
  • Eliminate distractions related to ACA compliance which take employers away from their core functions
  • RTC is your “back-room” expert for resources and information
  • RTC will continue to provide information on ACA which is current, concise, and useful to your business and situation

Our service commitment to our clients includes:

1. Educational Services

  • Live Seminars
  • ACA Bulletins
  • Workshops

2. On-Site Compliance Services

  • Meet at client’s office
  • Review current level of ACA compliance
  • Provide client with a findings report
  • Develop an action plan to assist client with getting into compliance if necessary

3. ACA Reporting Assistance

  • Go over the reports and filing requirements mandated by ACA
  • Assist clients with filing reports to the various government agencies
  • Available to assist client’s other advisors, such as CPAs and attorneys

4. Employee Notices and Information

  • Review current notices provided to employees
  • Provide client with any missing or incorrect notices or information required by ACA

5. Department of Labor (DOL) Audit Assistance

  • Review DOL audit readiness
  • Provide a written readiness report
  • Coordinate efforts to resolve any missing or incorrect information an employer may have
  • Be involved in the audit process with the DOL investigator (as requested)

Whether you’re just barely over the minimum employer size to be required to comply, or you have hundreds or thousands of employees – RTC specializes in ACA Compliance. We provide ACA consulting services to our clients as well as on a stand-alone basis. We’re always available to speak with you further about how we can help your business comply with the law.