Fee Based Services

As a comprehensive benefits agency, our clients receive not only the highest quality of knowledge, service and expertise, they also receive a wide range of services which many other benefits agencies are not equipped to provide. Our Fee Based Services are available for our brokerage clients and employers who do not utilize our brokerage services.

Does your company have a need for our services, but aren’t quite ready to partner with us as your broker? The below services list and pricing chart illustrate the services we provide and their cost for our brokerage and non-brokerage clients.

ACA Consulting

  • Meet at the client’s office
  • Review the current level of ACA compliance
  • Provide the client with a findings report
  • Develop an action plan to assist clients with meeting their compliance obligations

Dependent Eligibility Audit

  • Planning meeting at the client’s office
  • Review the scope of the audit
  • Develop agreeable communication materials
  • Implement audit
  • Meet to discuss final results

Summary Plan Description (SPD) Review and Report

  • Compare current SPD content and its compliance with DOL regulations
  • Compare current SPD wording against the Stop Loss policy provisions
  • Provide client with a detailed findings report
  • Provide client with language recommendations aimed at satisfying the DOL regulations which pertain to SPDs

DOL Pre-Audit and Audit Services

  • Review all employer materials related to its benefit plans, which are included in a typical Department of Labor audit
  • Provide recommendations as well as the appropriate forms or documents intended to satisfy the DOL’s regulations
  • Provide a formal final report reflecting the overall project and the employer’s state of compliance

Pricing Chart

Brokerage Clients Non-Brokerage Clients
ACA Consulting No Charge $1000 per month
Dependent Eligibility Audit
1-99 Dependents
100-299 Dependents
300+ Dependents
$25 each
$20 each
$15 each
$35 each
$30 each
$25 each
Summary Plan Description (SPD)
Review and Report
No Charge $1000

Preparation of a Summary Plan
Description (SPD) or Plan
Document (PD) Draft

$3000 $3500

DOL Pre-Audit & Audit Services

No Charge $3000